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What is a QR Code? You may have seen these in a Target Store, in a catalog, on a website, on a Real Estate Sign, a business card or even on a building.

What are they, you ask?  They are a simple way of gathering information quickly on your Smartphone.  Simply load the FREE app from a website like to your smartphone. When you see a QR code, scan to your phone, and information will be sent within a few seconds to your cell phone.

What does this have to do with Buying or Selling a Home?  When driving around neighborhoods, have you pulled up to a home for sale, and the brochure box is empty?  You call the phone number on the sign to have it go to voicemail?  How much is this house, you're wondering? How many bedrooms and baths? I wonder if this is in my school district?

If there was a QR code on the For Sale sign, those questions could be answered almost instantly. Open your ScanLife app, scan the bar code, and the information for that home along with interior photos can be sent almost immediately.  WOW!

Try this. Go to ScanLife, follow instructions for the free download on your smartphone, and give this one a try: